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Emily L K is the author of The Dragon’s Song series – wildly popular on Wattpad and now available on Amazon.

“It’s a book you read in one sitting and then read again for all your favorite moments”

Brittany (Amazon Purchaser)

Power is not the prize she thought it would be.

Human-born Cori knows where she stands in the pecking order of society. But when she experiences vivid and disturbing dreams laced with dragons, she discovers a talent that catapults her into a world well above her status.

Caught in a realm outside her understanding, Cori must not only fight for her place in the hierarchy, but battle against the dragons in her nightmares. And when the Karalis lures her into a thousand year old war, his attention on her proves to be the most dangerous development of all.

Will Cori save the Karalis from his madness before his society crumbles around them? Or will she be killed in her sleep by dragons that are ripping her apart from the inside out?

Don’t miss The Dragon’s Throne, the first in The Dragon’s Song series by Emily L K. If you like fearsome dragons, societal power plays and heroic female leads, then this epic fantasy will have you turning the pages.

His hand slammed down on the table. The sound reverberated around the room, cutting off her words.

“Do you forget who I am?” He hissed and when he turned on her his golden eyes were feral and whirling.

The Dragon’s Throne

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