To NaNo or not to NaNo

Yeah, yeah, it’s already pretty late to be trying to make a decision about participating in NaNoWriMo. This would be my third year thinking about – and failing – the grand event that is NaNo.

The first year I gave it a crack, but as it turns out, my boss at the time went on secondment and I ended up having to work ridiculous hours which left barely enough time to update my Wattpad stories, let alone commit to a NaNo project.

The second year I had a six month old baby. Enough said.

This year, I’ve been following the hype, getting pumped about it. I’ve recently quit my job, so no commitments there, my mini-demon has a three hour nap each day – plenty of time to commit to a word count! Come November, we move house and have no internet. Sigh.

So now I’m three days in (Australian time) and trying to decide if I can reclaim my enthusiasm. I’ve managed to get a bit of internet going, I suppose I just need to have a word to the hubby to let him know he’s going to be neglected for a month while a write like a typewriting monkey.

I’m also re-enthused by Katrin Hollister. Man, does that woman know how to stir some excitement for NaNo. Every year I watch her fly out of the gates and wish I could be like her. So this year I think I will be.

(And to note, if you’re a Wattpadian and are participating in NaNoWriMo, get in touch with Kat, she’ll shout out your work and add it to her reading list!)

Alright! 271 words into this blog post and I am going all guns for NaNo!

I won’t be working on a new novel, but will be committing to finishing The Possessive (on Radish Fiction), as well as complete The Dragon’s Faith. THEN, if I’m short of words, I’ll start on the next novel in store for The Dragon’s Song series.

Yay! Decision made! Alright, current word count for November stands at:



Alrighty, let’s get writing!



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