Avengers: Infinity War Review (Spoiler Free)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie in the cinema, so thought I’d celebrate the occasion with a review.

Opening day of Infinity War… Heck yeah this die hard Marvel (movie) fan was gonna be there!

This is a Spoiler free review so read on without qualms.

Now, I’ll start this off by suggesting that if you haven’t seen ALL the other Marvel movies, you best do that first to save yourself more than one ‘who dis?’ moment. Every superhero and their side kick features in this movie and at the pace it moves, there’s scarcely a moment for introductions, and there’s definitely no back stories offered.

The movie starts off flying and doesn’t slow down. Tender moments are rushed through or inturrupted and personal conflicts are resolved quickly and without a great deal of journey, thus giving the storyline a fairly superficial feel overall. Oddly enough it’s the antagonist, Thanos, who is given the greatest breathing room in terms of back story and character building and it’s he I felt drawn too rather than the superheros who, frankly, were getting around like headless chooks.

The Avengers themselves made new friends and many of them spent time running in squads that they don’t normally belong to. While it was fun to watch new interactions (Quill especially provided a bit of a laugh when meeting the Avengers, and I quite enjoyed the duo of Rocket and Thor), again, the rushed pace didn’t give the new relationships the time they deserved.

I’ll watch it again for the LOLs, but the formula did stick to the tried and tested Marvel style of witty one liners, big explosions and a male-heavy cast.

Overall though, the movie provided just enough dramatic tension and heart-string pulling to make it more than just a shoot-em-up comedy, and already I’m looking forward to what part two (yes, this movie is in parts apparently!) brings us.