Writing Life:

I say writing life because I find it all consuming to fit in anywhere around my wifey, mothering and small biz duties. Often you can find me on the lounge at midnight with a coffee and my laptop, writing up a section that I have to get out of my head before I can sleep.

I’ve authored three full length novels and two novellas for my Dragon’s Song Series which are due for publication in February.

The Dragon’s Throne first came to life while I was living in Paris in a no-bedroom apartment with a batty neighbour downstairs. I wasn’t working at the time (yay me!) so I started writing. And that’s it.

I. Started. Writing.

No plotting, no outlining, no idea of what would happen beyond the first few chapters. It was a tough slog in the saturation that was the Wattpad community, but eventually I was able to connect with some really legit and awesome people and to build the beginnings of an audience.

The Dragon’s Throne grew from there, both with an end game forming in my mind, and an influx of readers. At it’s completion, it was selected as a Wattpad Featured story and it’s popularity grew even more. Within a few years, it had gained over a million reads and a wicked fanbase.

In Real Life:

In real life, I made two little humans that I keep alive each day. I have an engineer husband who is not funny and cracks the worst jokes and a cat whom I see for approximately twenty minutes a day. But I love the lot of them.

I also hustle my own photography and styling business and this wars with writing as my number 1 passion.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Emily, just wondering if you were going to write anymore of the Dragon Song series. From a different person perspective?

    1. Hello! Yes I am 🙂 I’m currently working on the next book (draft title – The Dragon’s Quest). I just want to ensure I write enough to keep me on a good post schedule before I begin uploading to Wattpad.

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